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Newsletter Issue No. 3

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Hello and happy New Year to the entire SP.org family. This past year was Seconda Prattica’s first full year of operation and what a year! The sheer amount of interest in publishing through SP.org has gone through the roof. SP.org also hosted its first competition in conjunction with Great Lakes Guitar Society and is currently working with them on the next one. SP.org attended multiple festivals, advertising our site, recruiting new artists, and showing off all the amazing scores that have hit our digital shelves. These are only a few of the things that have made SP.org the brand it is today and none of it would be possible without your loyalty and support.

SP.org was created in part as a Publishing house as well as an online community dedicated to the pursuit of bringing the music being created today to performers and students alike. As SP.org has no paid employees we are truly astonished by the number of people that have volunteered their time and expertise to help make SP.org the forward-thinking publishing house that is committed to ensuring greater returns to the people who are creating the works. SP.org is pleased to announce that in our second year we are going to be able to continue returning 65% of the sale price to our artists. SP.org will also continue allowing the artists to set their own prices while at the same time providing them with non-exclusive contracts so the artists maintain their intellectual property rights.

During this first year, one of the milestone projects for Seconda Prattica was the first annual Seconda Prattica International Arrangement Competition (S.P.I.A.C.) for solo guitar. SP.org worked with Roland Dyens, Gaëlle Solal, Nicholas Goluses, and James Piorkowsky on developing and implementing a festival and competition that promotes the creation of new repertoire for the guitar. We were blown away by the excitement around this competition, and are pleased to announce that it was a resounding success, having received more then 50 submissions from around the world. The Judges were more than impressed with the high quality of each submission, and it was this incredible pool that made this competition relevant in the 21st century. Work is underway with our judges and performers to MAKE IT EVEN BETTER!!! For example, SP.org is redesigning the competition format and submission requirements to better serve the arrangers/composers creating the works.

Evan Drummond, Co-founder of the Great Lakes Guitar Society, the GLGS Festival and S.P.I.A.C., was so taken by the success of S.P.I.A.C. that he had this to say following it’s conclusion:

“An unbelievable effort by all. This truly would not have been possible if there were not so many people willing to contribute decades of knowledge and experience to our success. Nothing like this existed in the guitar world before September, and Dyens and I are confident that there NOW needs to be something like this for years to come. Like any first attempt at something, we made mistakes but it is these “missteps” that enable us to address issues and determine where we need to focus our energy going forward. Never before have I taken on something this large and I am humbled by the responsibility. I am personally excited at the prospect of running S.P.I.A.C again, and like any concert, the next one will be better.”


As 2015 gets underway, we want to thank all of you for your partnership and support thus far. SP.org is continuing to re-define the publisher’s role by creating openings in each of the catalogues. SP.org referrals from our existing artist roster have also gone through the roof and we want to give back to the people helping to grow this community. SP.org is going to give people the opportunity to be compensated for these referrals. Further details to come in the following months, please check back on the site.

We are also announcing a Call For Submissions for the 2nd annual “Women of the Guitar” Symposium and Festival for academic- or performance- based presentation. More information will be up shortly on the SP.org site or www.womenoftheguitar.com.

This year, we will push the envelope even further to deliver a better and more useful experience. In addition to improvements to the website, we are launching a new publishing revolution, “The Illuminated Scores.” Keep an eye out for this new phase of our company.

SP.org is always re-evaluating and re-designing its user experience and many more updates will come. Thank you for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to bringing even better opportunities to our artists and clients in 2015.

We are beginning to hear from many of our users. We enjoy listening to how SP.org has helped and we are always learning what we can do better. In February a “Remarks” section will go live on the site where artists can leave comments about SP.org. We appreciate your thoughts and feedback as we continue our journey, and look forward to your input and feedback. You can always reach us on our website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Best regards,

The SP Team


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