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Newsletter Issue No. 1



Newsletter For the Artist Roster

Seconda Prattica Artists, 

As the seasons change, we wanted to check in with all of our artists. We hope this newsletter finds you well. Just wanted to give everyone a quick progress update: SP has had an amazing five months. The site has had 5,000+ unique visitors, which averages out to about 1,000+ new eyes each month visiting the site and browsing through your works. With this amount of exposure and feedback, as well as purchases from returning customers, we are very excited about the year ahead.

We’ve kept ourselves quite busy in the meantime: In June, SP held a vendor table at the 2013 Guitar Foundation of America Convention and Competition in Louisville, Kentucky, where we spent the week building the brand and selling your scores. Additionally, in keeping our mission of giving back to the music community, SP sponsored prizes at the 2013 Hamilton International Guitar Competition and the 2013 New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes. It’s been a busy summer for SP, but it is ultimately your partnership and patience that has aided our website in becoming a leading provider of PDF musical scores. 

Now, for the meat and potatoes:

We’ve made some big changes to the site with our recent redesign. The user-friendly interface is still the main focus, but we now have a more intuitive implementation of the various catalogs in order to make your works available to as many eyes as possible. The new menu allows for ease of search ability on tablets and mobile devices. Speaking of cell phones, we’ve created a mobile version of the site that is optimized for all popular devices. We’ve also made a few other changes that we think might interest you: 

●  Improved biography features for each artist on SP’s roster

● The “Similar Products” feature truer to the Amazon model: pieces with similar items (genre, era, form, etc.) will automatically be linked, thus giving your work wider exposure

● A wider assortment of social media outlets to share your music

● The ability to “Like” individual pieces on Facebook, not merely the entire SP site

In the coming months, we’ll be holding a competition to see what piece can get the most “Likes” and the winner will get top billing on our homepage carousel

● Additional instrumental catalogs available for browsing (and we’ll continue to roll out more in the coming months) 

With this Version 2.0 of our site, our principal goal remains to improve the customers experience in order to get your works out to the widest possible audiences. 

SP is a continuously growing community of the finest composers, arrangers, scholars, and pedagogues. As a community, we bridge your music with artists, academic institutions, and our audience to promote your work. However, in order to help us sell your works, it is crucial that you, as the creator, take a proactive stance in promoting your music as well; either through the various digital avenues or even good, old-fashioned word of mouth. A key element of success is making the transition from getting published to getting played. We’ve listed some suggestions below:

● Share your works with your network, telling your friends and colleagues about your scores, your experiences with us, and help us further strengthen our community

●  Showcase your works on your social media sites and blogs

●  Promote the website on your various concert flyers

(we’ve made a sample banner that you can easily drag or copy and add to your site) Download link HERE


●  Include us in your biographies as one of your publishers, as well as your various compositions and arrangements available on our site

●  Download our “At-concert Sales” cards that have your requested discount promotion code

●  Create and utilize our curriculum guides for use in the classroom

We’ve had a few questions recently along the lines of “As the composer and copyright holder of my music, how do I give copies of my music free of charge?”

To this, we answer: We encourage sharing! Such efforts strengthen the popularity of your scores and help them reach a broader audience. If you wish to give free copies of your music to your friends, co-workers, students, universities, etc., we suggest giving a promotional code instead of a physical copy of the score. SP will create a promotional code for a free copy of any score. This is a handy way to keep track of who has access to your scores.

Now, since many have asked, some housekeeping details regarding the ins and outs of the copyright process. This information will soon be on the website, but we thought it would be useful for all of our artists to have and review it.

What is a Copyright?

Copyright protects original literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, and other intellectual property. Essentially, it allows you to “own” your work.

Who needs a Copyright?

Every one of our artists currently selling their intellectual property on the website. You need the copyright in before we can sell your work.

Where can I Copyright my intellectual property?


What rights does a Copyright owner have?

If you own the copyright, you possess the sole authority to:

  • Copy the music

  • Issue, sell, lend, or rent copies to the public

  • Perform, show or play the music in public

  • Communicate the music to the public (broadcasting via television, radio, internet etc.)

 What Types of Copyrights are there?

Types of Copyright

It’s helpful to get acquainted with these. Please remember that the SP contract allows our artists to keep their intellectual property, and as a result, does not own any part of your copyrighted music score. 

When do I need to make sure to register my work with PRO’s?

 When it’s going to be:

  • Commercially released be a record company (other than a record company you own)

  • Used in radio or television program

  • Used in an audio-visual or multimedia production

  • Streamed online

Where can I register my works with PRO’s?



What does the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) do?

HFA provides the following services to its affiliated publishers:

•       Issues mechanical licenses

•       Collects mechanical royalties

•       Distributes mechanical royalties

•       Conducts royalty examinations

•       Investigates and negotiates new business opportunities

•       Pursues piracy claims


We realize that we’ve given you an abundance of information for our first official newsletter, but future issues will be much easier to digest.

As always, we are hopeful that you are satisfied with your SP experience thus far. As a company, we thrive on your feedback so please don't be shy if you have anything to say; feel free to email us with any thoughts or concerns. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news.

We are pleased and excited to have you in our family and look forward to your success.



Orlay, Evan, and the SP team


Are you interested in getting involved with Seconda Prattica?

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