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Newsletter Issue No. 2




Happy Season to all our Artists:

SP.org has had another great month of visitors and sales. SP.org has continued to see traffic growth and sales that have exceeded anyone’s’ expectations. We are continuing to see on average 350-400 new views per week as well as receiving many new great submissions for publication. For those longtime artist, don’t worry SP.org is continuing to disseminate your works on all the social media sites and targeted university programs as we add new scores into our catalogs. To assist current and future artists further, we will be adding a section on the site that gives information about how to better sell your scores. But ultimately the dream has come true, we can honestly say that each week has been better then the last. SP.org cannot thank our artist roster enough for making this publishing house a trusted and flourishing brand.

Other good news, the SP.org family is excited to announce the addition of a world-class Jazz artist as help us build and grow our Jazz offerings. Anne Drummond has come on board to help SP.org to better understand the needs of the 21st century Jazz arranger and composer. Anne is going to head the Jazz catalog, review all Jazz submissions, and to develop new ways of publishing Jazz scores.  This is a very exciting time for our brand as Jazz has become a staple in most academic institution as well as an incredible popular genre on the concert stage.  SP.org is very excited about the prospect of becoming the place were people go to find new and exciting Jazz arraignments and compositions for all sizes and shapes of Jazz ensembles. To learn more about Anne Drummond please click here.

 As SP.org is continuing to expand its instrumental catalog offerings to include a strings catalog, a winds catalog, and a Jazz catalog, we are also trying to develop a wider selection of “classroom teaching” and “textbooks” offerings on our site. More and more we are seeing teachers compiling and developing textbooks that are based around course specific material with no outlet to get these “course companion” style books published. Also the current model of printing for a physical textbook lacks the ability to add new material or fix any unfortunate errors that may have made it into the printed book. SP.org is working to fix the problem by bringing our “re-upload the score with the corrections” policy to our Textbook division. SP.org has also begun to create working relationships with prominent professor at a variety of collegiate institutions. We ask our reviewers to review textbooks and to offer the author suggestions or thoughts about the book. This model allows for us to give our authors relevant feedback about their work as well as continue to get the materials in front of prominent educators who could use and or suggest possible curriculum implication to colleges in their respected fields. If you are interested in developing a book to use in your class we are ready to help you in developing your dream book. SP.org is happy to assist you in creating the next great book or become one of our reviewers. 

Things to look out for this week: 

1.     As SP.org continues to grow and become the “pre-dominant” online PDF only publisher, we are pleased to announce the 1st International Arrangement Competition for Solo Guitar. SP.org is pleased to announce that it is working with international recording artist, composer, arranger, pedagogue, and performing artist Roland Dyens to create a arranging competition relevant to the 21st century (more info).
2.     SP.org is also starting Facebook Like site wide competition where the score with the most likes per 2 week gets a featured spot on the home page carousel (more info).
3.     The addition of the “The Castellani Andriaccio Duo Series for Guitar (more info).
4.     A new section on the site about artists experiences publishing through our brand called Artist Testimonials.” (more info).


There is so much more great stuff to talk about but we promised in the last news letter that this news letter would not be as long and we thank you for reading it. As always SP.org wants to be a better site and thrives on your feedback, we want to know if you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, so please feel free to let us know what you are thinking (Click here). Last but not least we are asking all of our current artists to please review our copyright info and PLEASE make sure that you own your copyrights.


Great times ahead

The SP Team 


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