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The Roland Dyens International Arranging Competition for Solo Guitar

October 13-15, 2017

Seconda Prattica Publishing Presents

The Roland Dyens International Arranging Competition for Solo Guitar 

Deadline for submission: September 28, 2017

Ciminelli Recital Hall, Buffalo State College

 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York

With the approval and encouragement from the family of Roland Dyens, Seconda Prattica is presenting the “Roland Dyens International Arrangement Competition for Solo Guitar” in this 2017 season. As SecondaPrattica.org continues to grow and become the preeminent online PDF-only publisher, we are pleased to once again sponsor this prestigious competition. Sadly, the world of music suffered a great loss when Maestro Dyens died in October 2016, but to keep his passion and advocacy for the art of arranging alive, his competition will continue.

Following in the tradition of the classical and romantic eras, the objective of this competition is to inspire the creation of new arrangements for the classical guitar at the highest possible artistic levels. In the 21st century, the composer/performer most associated with the gold standard of guitar arrangements is Roland Dyens. Maestro Dyens is internationally recognized as advancing the art of arranging to the highest level the guitar has seen to date. Following in the footsteps of history’s great arrangers: Francisco Tarrega, Miguel Llobet, and Emilio Pujol, Roland Dyens has had a profound impact on the guitar repertoire and had personally birthed the idea of this arrangement competition to promote and advance this vital musical genre.

The Great Lakes Guitar Society is hosting the symposium offerings of this festival. Its mission this year is to celebrate Roland Dyens’ life and unparalleled contributions to the guitar world and repertoire. The “Dyens Retrospective Festival and Symposium,” along with the “Roland Dyens International Arrangement Competition for Solo Guitar,” will showcase artists, arrangers, and pedagogs that have worked closely with Roland Dyens. For a complete listing of the Roster and Schedule, visit www.GreatLakesGuitarSociety.co

The guidelines and judging procedures that Maestro Dyens and James Piorkowski carefully created for the initial competition in 2014 will again be implemented.


Submission Procedures 

1)     The work must be an original arrangement of a song or composition open to the preference of the arranger.
2)     Duration of this arrangement must be no more than 8 minutes in length.
3)     No hand written scores will be accepted. Your arrangement must be original and without infringement of copyright laws.
4)     Submissions must be in PDF format. When your arrangement is ready for submission, click this link - Submission and fill out all required fields. This will constitute your application.
5)     Audio file (.mp3) Please upload an audio file for your arrangement through the Submission form, as this will expedite the screening process. Note that we do allow MIDI audio files.
6)     A $40 (USD) application fee must accompany the submission of your arrangement. Your submission will not go through until payment has been submitted. 
7)     You may submit more than one arrangement, with an additional $40 fee to be paid associated with each submission.
8)     If your submission is awarded a prize, you must own the copyright to your arrangement in order for Seconda Prattica to publish your score.
9)     Deadline for submission: September 28, 2017     -   Final Round Deliberation October 13


Prizes and Competition Guidelines 

1. Dyens Prize

  • A First Place medallion
  • A cash prize of $1,000 USD
  • The selected arrangement will be published by Seconda Prattica
  • Video of the final performance posted on www.SecondaPrattica.org

2. Tarrega Prize

  • A Second Place medallion
  • A cash prize of $500 USD
  • Video of the final performance posted on www.SecondaPrattica.org

3. Llobet Prize

  • A Third Place medallion
  • A cash prize of $250 USD
  • Video of the final performance posted on www.SecondaPrattica.org 

4. Pujol Award

  • Prize of Recognition: Audience favorite
  • A cash prize of $200 USD (If the audience favorite also happens to be one of the top three prizewinning selections, the $200 will be added to the pertinent cash award)
  • The Pujol Award arrangement will be published by Seconda Prattica.                                                                 
Depending on the assessed quality of the submissions, the judging panel will reserve the right to not present a particular prize (1st, 2nd or 3rd). 
During the festival, the public performances of all nine arrangements selected for the final round will be broadcast worldwide, live on the internet.
All prize-winning works performed at the festival will be recorded (audio and video) by Buffalo State, The State University of New York. 
The winning pieces will be available for purchase on Seconda Prattica website.
A link to recordings will be emailed to all members of the Seconda Prattica website.


Judges for Preliminary Round:

  • James Piorkowski, Chair of Judging Committee
  • Evan Drummond (SUNY Fred and Buff)
  • Mark Delpriora (Manhattan School of Music)

Procedures for Preliminary Review:

  • The scores will be divided equally into thirds and will be distributed to the judges. Numerical codes will be used instead of arrangers' names, so that the arrangers will be unknown to the judges.
  • Each judge will complete an evaluation form for each submission
  • Each of the three judges will review the submitted scores and select nine submissions, reducing the total submissions to twenty-seven.
  • After each judge reviews and grades all twenty-seven selected scores, the judges will meet to vote and select the final nine arrangements, which will be subsequently performed at the festival on October 13, 2017. At that time, the names of the arrangers will be revealed to the judges. The selected arrangers will then be notified by email.
  • When the nine scores have been selected, the names of the arrangers will be posted on the SecondaPrattica.org website, but their arrangement titles will not be announced, in order to keep this information unknown to the performers of the arrangements. 

These designated artists will each have three assigned arrangements to perform (the arrangers' names will be unknown to the performers):

  • Thomas Viloteau   (International Performing Artist)
  • Rene Izquierdo     (University of Wisconson-Milwaukee)
  • Matthew Slotkin    (Bloomsburg University) 

Judges for Final Round:

  • James Piorkowski, Chair of Judging Committee (Fredonia School of Music, SUNY)
  • Joanne Castellani (Castellani-Andriaccio Guitar Duo)
  • Nicholas Goluses (Eastman School of Music)
  • Stephen Brew (Stonehill College)
  • Orlay Alonso, SP.org represenative and non-guitarist judge
  • Audience Choice (via ballot voting)

Procedures for Finals

  • The Finals Concert will take place on Friday, October 13, 2017 at 7:30PM
  • Judges will review scores as the arrangements are performed.
  • The three designated artists are the only performers for the final round, with the selected scores from the preliminary review divided at random between the three performers. Due to rubrics and scoring protocols, arrangers will not be permitted to perform their own work.
  • Judges will deliberate in a closed session following the Final Round
  • Winners will be announced during the intermission of the 7:30PM concert on Saturday, October 14, 2017.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us

If you are interested in supporting the current or future Roland Dyens festival or sponsoring a prize at any level, please Contact Us . Sp.org gives 100% of the funds raised in entry fees, ticket sales, and donations to support the RDIAC Festival and Competition.

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